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Action Park the Most Dangerous Amusement Park

June 16, 2022

Come along for this week's episode as we discuss the general insanity that was Action Park!


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It all started in the late 70's when Uncle Gene wanted to make money with his ski resort in the off season. He installed the infamous alpine slide. Over time he installed more rides until Action Park became a full blown amusement park. But it wasn't your normal park. Unlike places like Disneyland or Cedar Point, there was no concern for guest safety. There was also no concern for actual ride design. Whether making a ridiculous looping slide, or building tacks out of pvc pipe, the rides were not designed by actual engineers who knew about stuff like momentum and g-forces. Instead, rides were designed and installed by people with no previous experience. For example the infamous canonball loop was designed by Uncle Gene himself on a napkin. The park was open until 1996. During that time many people were injured, and 6 people tragically perished. The lack of safety, the culture of danger, and the party atmosphere where underage guests and employees were drunk much of the time, has earned Action Park the reputation of the craziest and most dangerous amusement and water park ever.

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